Tips on How To Choose The Right Cloud Based Accounting Software

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April 16, 2024

Regardless of the digital revolution in the business world, a lot of small businesses remain uncertain about adopting the latest trends in technology. To understand the need for accounting software, first, you need to understand what accounting software is? Everything that small business purchases or sells have to be recorded with the help of accounting software. This information helps in preparing financial reports to help you understand your business better. The software will not offer the same expertise as an accountant, but it helps to obtain insight into business through viable information.

Accounting now and then

Earlier businesses used to maintain financial books manually to help in recording transactions in a ledger. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes use accounting software that can easily track revenue as well as forecast sales and inventory. Accounting software reduces human error which usually comes with accounting on paper. The best thing is that it allows you to access all significant information in just a few keystrokes.

Choosing the right software for accounting

As there are so many options available, finding the best and right accounting software for your small business’s needs can be tricky. Multiple tips can help you to find the software that serves the need of your business. There are many accounting software that provides ease in financial record management. It is recommended to browse different options before purchasing as it helps in making the right choice for your business. A few of them to consider are:

  • Quickbooks
  • Sage
  • Xero
  • Zoho Books

Consider needs and accounting skills

The very first thing while choosing accounting software is to consider your business needs. There are a variety of options available, but depending on your business, you must consider the specialized software that is designed to help your business. For instance, there are many customized applications for retailers and restaurants, just like many other commercial enterprises. As a business owner, the top priority is to keep an eye on the money in and out. Without efficient accounting software, it will take the business owner ages to get the same work done. Proficient accounting software will accomplish daily accounting tasks, record all payments, track all expenses, invoicing, and generate reports so that you can easily analyze your business performance. Choosing the best accounting software can be challenging as they include different features and offer multiple pricing plans to choose from.

Consider Cloud applications

With the help of cloud computing, you can take your small business to new heights. Cloud applications come with numerous benefits as they can easily be accessed from any location using a working internet connection. The installation can easily be done on the server, and the staff does not need to worry about software updates. Records are kept secure as it ensures top-notch safety features as well. There is a huge twist in the cloud accounting world as these can be integrated with accounting software like Xero. If the ability to access all the financial information through an internet connection is appealing, you can simply go for a cloud business application of your choice. Powerful integration with accounting software on the cloud will give you immense benefits.


There are many business accounting software available that suit all budgets. The best part is that you can choose accounting software that falls within your budget and then customize it according to your unique business needs while staying within that budget. Needless to say, the more expensive option you choose, the more benefits you enjoy. Numerous factors can help you to determine which features you need for accounting software. You certainly need to consider the skill level that you will commit to the software. The size of your business and record-keeping requirements are significant determinants in choosing the size of the software. A recent report stipulated that even a basic accounting software can easily do financial reporting and billing and invoicing, thus catering to more than 80% of your financial accounting needs. The following are some standard features that should be essentially present in the accounting software you choose:

  • Create invoices
  • Generate financial statements
  • Bank account integration
  • Record all customer details


It is another crucial thing that needs to be considered before choosing the accounting software. If you are planning to us Xero, the security of data becomes an even more critical aspect to consider.


Numerous accounting software can easily be set up to automatically send invoices and other notifications, saving considerable time for a small business owner. This will save you valuable time from mundane and repetitive tasks so that you can focus on growing your small business. It can also reconcile your accounts by matching the transaction intelligently. If your business is providing quotes to customers, then you can go for a program that easily converts documents into invoices with the help of a few clicks. For an inventory, the software should create purchase orders automatically.


Small businesses have great growth potential, so keep your business needs in the coming years in mind. If the chosen accounting software is unable to cope with the growing needs of your business, it is not a wise choice. Opt for accounting software that can scale with growing business needs. Software with progressive versions should be a viable option. Also, ensure that the accounting software is easy to understand for your team, as it will improve their productivity and let them focus on other crucial tasks.

Add-on features

Add-on features bring additional functionalities to your business. For instance, it may allow you to access the software from remote locations, accept online payments, and easily integrate the accounting software with e-commerce software. There are a lot of add-ons that make the accounting software compatible. A built-in invoicing module is a complete tool that can aid small businesses immensely. Customization is another important factor to consider for small businesses. Regardless of which accounting software you choose, you must remember that it is eventually a tool. Being an early adopter of the latest technology will give you an edge over your competitors. Once you invest your time and money into setting up the right accounting system, it will keep you away from needless frustration.


This article is written in general terms and therefore cannot be relied on to cover specific situations; application of the principles set out will depend upon the particular circumstances involved and we recommend that you obtain professional advice before acting or refraining from acting on any of its contents.

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