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Understand your real-time cash flow and financial position

Understand your business performance and how you’re doing financially with daily updates of bank balance from your bank accounts and credit cards.

Get paid faster with online invoices

Get paid faster with online invoices

Create and send online invoices to your customers and clients with Xero– and get paid faster updated when they are opened. You can also send automated reminders to outstanding invoices to get paid quicker, it is a good accounting practice.


Collaborate with your accountants, bookkeepers and team

Invite your accounting advisor like your accountants and bookkeepers to collaborate with you on your growing businesses in real-time using Xero. And give your staff access like invoice creation only up to advisor to the areas they need to do their job.

Effective controls

Tools such as the Xero dashboard, activity or financial reports to tailor smart financial reports, account transactions and journals help accounting advisors monitor the integrity of data in Xero.

Protect your business data

Protect your business data

Xero backs up your accounting data and protects it with multiple layers of security including industry-standard data encryption and secure data centres.

Comprehensive Xero support for your team

Help when you need it

If you need help, you can choose to let the Xero support team view your accounting data and provide the advice you need on using Xero from the accounting basics like raising invoices to preparing financial reports. They can help you in many ways like FAQs and email support.

Data you can trust

Data you can trust

Direct feeds from your bank account, software applications and financial institutions mean that data is untouched by human hand as it enters Xero. The experts at Alpha Pro Partners also educate our trainees about the effective use of this data, and how to put it to best use.

Strong access controls

Strong access controls

Xero’s wide range of security and detection measures enable tracking of who does what – and if issues are detected, alerts are raised.

Only the authorized users and bookkeepers are allowed access to certain features of the system. If you have an invoice only access, you only have a very limited permission. The overall system can be secured as per requirements by the system administrator.

Information security

Information security

Xero accounting software protects your precious business information with extra layers of security. Xero Accounting in Dubai is not different. You can now practice the ultimate security mechanism at your workplace and in your system with the integration of Xero software in your operations.

Attach files to data

Attach files to data

Store your supplier invoices, bills, files and transactions in one place like the cloud for easy access from anywhere. Repeat the practice during our training sessions, and you will become a pro during the Xero Accounting training. All you need to do is practice.

Reduce Manual entry & Paperwork

Reduce Manual entry & Paperwork

Don’t waste another minute on data entry chores for your bank statements, invoices and bills. Work smarter and faster and remove unnecessary paperwork and extra time to reconcile transactions by including smart practices in your work patterns. Effective Xero Accounting services and training reduces the chances of errors that are otherwise made in manual entries and analysis.

Xero Features to run every part of your business

Not only do we use Xero in our Accounting and Bookkeeping Practice, all of our bookkeepers are Xero certified and have extensive experience of using Xero. You can run Xero Accounting App from any location and place to manage your and create transaction as it is a online accounting software and your data are save on the cloud.

Its internal applications includes invoice and inventory management, project management, payroll, and reporting to name a few. It has customizable reports to have deeper understanding of your business. To know how Xero work for small business to big firms, just sign up to create your account and enjoy a 30 days free trial to try.


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Bank Transactions and Connections

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Bank Reconciliation

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Information security

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Pay bills

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Xero expenses

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Accept payments

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Xero Accounting Software Features

Xero Accounting Software is by far the best accounting software on the market for small businesses.

For some small businesses and firms using Xero Accounting is very easy to use and may not even require a bookkeeper for bookkeeping or outsourced accounting services to manage your accounts.

Run Xero the Accounting Software on any device or application to make it very accessible for you to invoice a client or even manage transactions as your data are save on the cloud.

It supports simple bank reconciliation which is being enjoyed by many small business. It also allow users to manage expenses and receipts online including your personal expenses.

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Not sure where to start?

Not sure where to start?

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Running a retail business can be stressful, specially for small business owners. The last thing you want to do is worry about the financial situation of your company. With Xero Accounting System you will have an up-to-date cash flow and finances of your company from anywhere, which will save you hours on administration. With this easy to use software you can run your shop more efficiently.

With the demands of running retail businesses, you can let Xero help you stay ahead of the curve and make better business decisions for your finances. By reducing the manual data entry, you can save time and money when you automatically reconcile your bank transactions from your bank account. Using the app on your phone you can stay connected anytime and anywhere making it easy to run your business while out of town. Xero also supports multiple currencies and can work with third-party apps such as point of sale (POS) and many others to help you conduct business abroad.

As you will have a staff of professionals you can let Xero help you streamline your payroll and ensure that you pay you employees on time and your business is well managed.

Up-To-Date Cashflow
Auto Bank Reconciliation
Stay Connected any-time, anywhere
Reduce Manual Data Entry
Works with third-party apps

Small Business

Xero makes it easy to take your small business globally. The team of professionals at Xero knows how grueling things can be when you are reaching out across the globe. Let Xero do the hard work while you take care of the business.

Take your business to the next level as you get paid quicker through your customized online invoices and the flexible online payment options. Let your business and clients connect through their bank account, PayPal and Stripe. Even if you go on holiday, you can collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper, and staff from anywhere at any time as you control the levels of access they have. Keep your data protected as Xero offers many levels of security.

Take your small business global
Get paid
online payment options
Collaborate any-time, anywhere
Offers many levels of security

Amazon Sellers

You may be a seller on Amazon or even Walmart.com and need to keep track of your business finances. Xero has something for you too. With its custom tools you can manage the cash flow and inventory as easy as clicking a button. Take the time to reconcile your Amazon FBA transactions in Xero using the A2X application.

You can manage your cashflow easily by integrating Amazon Seller Central with Xero, which allows for a seamless transition. Stay in control of your finances by linking Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy and eBay to your Xero account.

Manage cash flow and inventory
Reconcile Amazon FBA transactions
Integrate Amazon Seller Central
Reduce Manual Data Entry
Link Amazon, Etsy Alibaba & eBay


Running your e-Commerce business has never been easier. You can sync your Xero software with many third-party apps that are perfect for inventory, POS and much more.

It does not matter where you are, you can always be in touch with Xero and know the health of your company. You can streamline your e-Commerce business and launch it into the next level. Access your information for the business from anywhere and from any device.

Sync Xero with third-party apps
always be in touch with xero
Streamline your ecommerce business
access anytime on any device


Starting your own business can be daunting and frustrating. With Xero you will get up-to-date views on your cash flow with intuitive startup accounting software.

Why not save time on admin, get paid faster and focus more time on creating new ideas and developing your business. Manage finances while on the go with the Xero mobile app.

Start understanding your business finances better as you have the dashboard with important information about your business’ performance. This will help you make decisions to build a successful company. You can also add staff to your Xero account, such as an accountant or bookkeeper and manage the level of control they have.

Up to date views on your cashflow
save time on admin
get paid
manage finances on the go
Understand business finances better
Add staff to your xero account
manage the level of control of staff

Café and Restaurants

Even with a café and a restaurant you can find the tools you need to help efficiently run your business. Take the chance and streamline your accounting to work for you.

Spend less time with the books and more time bedazzling your customers. Create customised recurring online invoices for your regular suppliers. Sync Xero with your third-party apps to ensure you get the best out of your business. You can easily track inventory. Pay your staff easily through the online payroll software.

Run business efficiently
streamline your accounting to work for you
custom online invoices for suppliers
Sync xero with third party apps
easily track inventory
pay your staff easily

Technology Companies

You look at computers all day performing tech solutions for customers. The last thing you want to do is spend hours in front of another computer working on your bookkeeping. Let Xero work for you so you can spend less time working on the books and more time working on tech and growing your business.

Xero allows you to manage your finances on the go with the mobile accounting app, sync Xero seamlessly with third-party apps for CRM, project management and pay your staff easily with simple online payroll accounting software.

Spend less time working on books
Manage finances on the go
Sync Xero with third-party apps
Pay your staff easily

Legal and Professional

Xero has the perfect solution so that you do not need to chase the legal paperwork.  You and your accountant can access all the information that is critical to your legal and professional services that you offer to your clients.  Clients of legal firms can also be provided quotes on the work in progress so they can view the current billing to date.

Xero can synchronise with integrated law-practice management apps to easily manage cases, clients and appointments and save time reconciling trust accounts, create beautiful customised recurring online invoices, manage personal expenses at work, home or on the go with the mobile accounting app and use legal billing software to stay up to date with your cash flow from anywhere.

If you would like to know more about Xero or would like to take up our free implementation offer, submit your contact details here and one of our consultants will be in touch.

Manage cash flow and inventory
Clients get quotes on W.I.P
easily manage cases, clients & appointments
save time reconciling trust accounts
create recurring online invoices
manage personal expenses
Stay Connected any-time, anywhere
Up-To-Date Cashflow

Xero integrates with 1000+ business apps

Customize your Xero Accounting Software experience by integrating with specialised software and add ons for your business. Many small business chooses from popular solutions for point-of-sale, time tracking, e-commerce, inventory management and more. Gone are the days where you are required to to pay a bunch of money to purchase an ERP system which requires specialist developers and IT infrastructure in-house. With Xero, choose the best application for you industry to plug into Xero seamlessly like Hubdoc with receipt capture feature to save time and money. Run your business from any location and anywhere.

These are just a few companies which integrate with Xero. Our Xero Accounting implementation and Xero migration service can suggest popular apps.

Xero integrates with 1000+ business apps

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