What is a Chartered Accountant and can they help your Business?

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April 16, 2024

Chartered Accountants and regular Accountants are not the same. The expression “Accountant” is too broad and can be used for different subfields. Many key factors differentiate between the two and choosing the right professional to support you will ensure you get the right level of expertise and support for your business.

Proficiency tests of Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant is the one who holds a membership in either Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) or the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Each country usually has its own local membership body. They are required to sit a series of examinations and gain relevant practical industry experience.

Why seek help from a Chartered Accountant?

A Chartered Accountant (CA) serves you best when you lack knowledge of accounting, finance, or if you are in a tricky financial state. You can figure out how to proceed in these circumstances with the helpful assistance of a Chartered Accountant and their specialized knowledge. Every Chartered Accountant is trained to maintain accuracy and high standards, even if accounting needs are highly complicated.

Choose a Chartered Accountant with professional experience

If you are looking for a Chartered Accountant, ensure that your selected Accountant should be qualified to a standard that complements well with your needs. A skilled Chartered Accountant has a practicing certificate for active engagement in public practice work. This practicing certificate is required when a Chartered Accountant offers accounting services to the public independently.

Services rendered by Chartered Accountants

You can get access to highly specialized Chartered Accountants in Dubai easily that can take the best care of all your accounting needs. The services provided by Chartered Accountants are:

  • Tax compliance services

A Chartered Accountant is skilled in tax preparation. Tax knowledge is essential for the practical economics of business management. A CA assesses proper compliance with taxes to be presented to the tax authorities in Dubai and the UAE.His or her expertise in compliance audits is a dire need for assessing complex cases by the tax department. Their services can also be used to prepare personal tax statements. They will develop a tax strategy for issues like financial choice, how to tackle an acquisition, deferral of taxes, etc.

  • Auditing services

Auditing allows CA members to perform their activities in a wide array of sectors. It is one of the most important services rendered by them. It is in accounting audits where specialized training and skilled performance of a Chartered Accountant come into play. This service includes the examination of documents and accounts of any particular business to corroborate the truth of the financial statements.

  • Budget analysis services

A Chartered Accountant service brings out the most suitable course of action concerning cost and efficiency. Budget analysis is essential for managing an organization's financial assets in the UAE. In the budget analyst position, competent people are needed because of the complicated nature of the work. The Chartered Accountant's skillfulness is the right tool to excel in this regard.

  • Management services

Management accounting offers the formation of new policies for efficient control of accounting projects of any business. A Chartered Accountant uses distinguished management accounting techniques to make your business more successful.

  • Assurance Services

A Chartered Accountant works efficiently in numerous accounting assurance services. These can include offering financial records and transactions like contracts, loans, and financial planning. This service ensures the validity and correctness of the reviewed records to help out in decision-making for any business and organization.

  • Financial and investment services

A Chartered Accountant develops comprehensive strategies that can substantiate your financial security. A CA first gives you financial advice and then helps you out in the execution of that financial plan. Finally, his or her expertise extends to finalizing ongoing investment portfolio management.

What is an accountant?

Accounting is a field of communicating the financial knowledge of a business to its users. An Accountant is a person that is proficient in all the intricacies of the field of accounting. They provide an accurate record of all financial transactions of a particular association or an individual. An Accountant also holds substantial practical experience in areas where significant expertise is required - like retirement bundles, home arrangements, subsidy administration, etc.

What is the working nature of an Accountant?

For the preparation of tax-related documentation, accountants offer services for long hours. They are required for analysis and audits of financial documents. Accountants can work directly for a company or business as well as for private individuals for assisting them in their financial matters, investment, and any other matter correlating with money. Corporate Accountants not only conduct financial studies but also work out comprehensive risk analysis plans for big companies regarding essential investment decisions in the future.

Services rendered by an Accountant

Services offered by an Accountant include:

  • Makes sure financial plans follow the right guidelines following the law
  • Provide relevant knowledge and recommendations for investment and economic opportunities
  • Takes part in planning and budget assembly with corporate individuals
  • Preparation and endowing tax returns for big corporations
  • Preparation of financial documents as well as balancing accounts, as demanded
  • Organize data about sales taxes, profit and loss, and payables in a systematic way

Accounting companies in Dubai

There are many specialized accounting services in Dubai with an enthusiastic team of professionals. As needed, they can dedicate a team member to help out clients in running their business more feasibly. These auditing and accounting services in Dubai are available for all industries, as well as for the private needs of an individual. Their main aim is to simplify the daily business challenges professionally faced by their clients with their highly qualified team.


A Chartered Accountant has more scope and extensive opportunities in comparison to other types of accountants. A CA will focus on a particular area of accountancy working closely within a specific organization to give you the best and most personalized accounting services. A CA member can provide assured information regarding financial records, whereas accountants ensure that all the transactions are under guidelines stated elaborately in both federal and local laws of the UAE. By differentiating the work scope of both accountants, you should be able to select the most suitable specialist according to your accounting needs.

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