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Connect Xero and G-Sheets to Create Accounting Automation and Realtime Reporting

Unlock Xero and Google Sheets integration for automated accounting real-time reporting. Learn key tasks and future possibilities with G-Accon.

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September 22, 2020

11:00 am

About this event

Being able to report in real-time and automating accounting processes are at the fore front of all accounting professionals. Xero being a world-class accounting software enables you to integrate with google sheets to provide powerful capabilities such as collaboration, real time reporting and entering data into Xero via google sheets. In this webinar we will explore the possibilities G-Accon can unlock when integrating G-sheets and Xero.

What will I Learn?

  • Basic Reporting and Accounting Tasks in Xero
  • How to connect to G-Accon
  • How to push data into Xero via Google Sheets
  • How to run custom reports in G-Accon
  • Future Development Pipeline with G-Accon
  • Q&A with Experts

About G-Accon

G-Accon is an award-winning Xero Add-On that seamlessly integrates Google Sheets with Xero in both directions. Connect Google Sheets to multiple Xero companies. Auto-export Xero reports & data or make changes and auto-upload data to Xero directly from Google Sheets. Multi-Currency Reporting. Custom templates. Automatically refresh and email updated Xero reports by using a flexible schedule. Share live spreadsheets and collaborate with your team & clients in Google Drive. Connect to Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI to build BI dashboards with a live Xero data feed.Great tool for accountants, advisors, bookkeepers, and business owners to customize and automate reporting, consolidate data, import data in bulk, build charts, manipulate data using the power and convenience of Google Sheets.Emerging App Partner of the Year in Xero Awards 2018.

About the Speakers

Rayhan Aleem (Founder and Managing Partner, Alpha Pro Partners)

Rayhan has previously managed finance departments of several large financial services firms in the City of London and is passionate about accounting and reporting automation for small and medium sized businesses.

Yelena Tretyakova (Product Owner of G-Accon)

Yelena has over 20 years of marketing and IT expertise in the financial and banking sectors. She received a dual MBA/MSF degree and an MS in Computer Science, and used these skills to promote G-Accon in the world market. G-Accon has proved an incredibly helpful cloud based application which helps clients in solving their various financial and marketing, and Yelena is excited to see where G-Accon will go next.

September 22, 2020

11:00 am