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How Car Dealers and Automotive Business Can Automate VAT Compliance in the UAE

Join our free webinar to learn how car dealers and automotive businesses in the UAE can automate VAT compliance with EasyCars and Xero.

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July 28, 2021

10:00 am

About this event

Running a Car Dealership and ensuring that your processes and paperwork is tax compliant can be challenging. Finding the right software to help save you time can also be daunting and frustrating.In this webinar we will highlight the key VAT compliance requirements in the UAE for the automotive sector and car dealerships and how Xero and Easycar can support in this process.

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About Easy Cars

EasyCars is the most successful used Car management software in Australia and now looking forward to helping Car Dealers in the UAE.EasyCars is built and maintained by Jeal, an Australian owned and based company with over 38 years of industry experience creating simplified solutions for motor dealers.Our goal in the UAE is to consolidate and automate a dealer’s day to day time-consuming tasks into one simple solution. This includes stock control, VAT, Advertising and Websites. Everything related to buying and selling cars.Over the past 38 years in the dealership software industry, we have never ceased listening to our customers, their feedback and contributions have been invaluable and have helped us to complete the EasyCars project.Today, it is an easy-to-use robust system that incorporates the latest developments and trends.

About the Speakers

Michael Jeal – Director or Jeal Computer Services

Director of Jeal Computer Services, the company that built EasyCars. Michael has over 25 years’ experience designing and developing software solutions for the motor dealership industry. Michael has superior knowledge of all the ins and outs of operating a successful motor dealership and the tools needed to increase efficiency, sales, and profit.With knowledge accumulated over the last 25 years Michael has designed the complete motor dealership software EasyCars, which simplifies and automates everything from stock control and VAT calculations to accounting, advertising, and real-time business reporting.Michaels’s work has led to EasyCars becoming the number 1 used car dealer software in Australia and the UAE’s fastest growing Motor dealer software.

Thuhleef Pullangadan – EasyCars UAE Sales Manager

EasyCars UAE Sales Manager, Thuhleef has worked with multi-million-dollar companies like Tata Motors and Vodafone in Dubai and has strong understanding of software, having helped several businesses reduce expenses and improve ROI through digitization.

Rayhan Aleem (Founder and Managing Partner, Alpha Pro Partners)

Rayhan is the Founder and Managing Partner of Alpha Pro Partners. He has previously managed finance departments of several large Hedge Funds and Investment Funds in the City of London and is passionate about accounting and reporting automation for small and medium sized businesses. In his free time, Rayhan enjoys playing football and keeping fit.

July 28, 2021

10:00 am